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so GOOD we chose to live here!


The first moment we stepped foot on Bryher on a cool April day at Church Quay, it stole our hearts.

For such a tiny island, Bryher has so much to offer to each and every visitor.  It really is an island of two halfs with its sheltered eastern side offering long, safe, sandy beaches to the drama of Hell Bay to the West.

The smallest of Scilly's inhabited islands, Bryher is host to an incredibly welcoming and friendly community.  There is a wide range of high quality accommodation, incuding our very own of course!  

Bryher has a fabulous shop that sells pretty much everything from lipstick to lobster - and offers an online deliver to the door service!  

The in-house bakery always smells delicious and a there is also a post office enabling you to send your postcards telling everyone what a wonderful holiday you are having and how they should all book for next year!

Local produce stalls can be found dotted around the island with delicious organic fruit and vegetables plus an array of hand made gift items.

Bryher also has a cafe with delicious daytime menu and cakes, a wonderful seaside pub and an exclusive hotel that is often host to famous faces wanting to get away from it all.  

Once you have visited Bryher - I guarantee it will steal your heart too!


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